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      If you are serious about appealing your commercial property tax, start with a definitive easy, step-by-step course.

Get: Commercial Property Values and Adjustments for the type commercial tax appeal you need. Filled with examples to guide you in order to justify your valuation. This way you Win your Business Property Tax Reduction Appeal.

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Commercial Property Tax Appeal Course NOW:

Commercial Property Tax Appeal Course

Our Commercial Property Tax Reduction Material Includes:

Commercial Appraisal 101

Commercial Property Tax Guide used with Excel Spreadsheets

Basic Excel Formulas

Excel Business Cost Analysis

Excel Business Fair Market Approach

Excel Commercial Equity Analysis

Excel Commercial Business Operating Statements

Excel Supporting Commercial Business Operating Statements

Excel Commercial Land Tax Analysis

$97.00  Add To Cart, $39 For Everything!

You get: Presentation Format + Forms + How To Step-By-Step eBook + Lifetime Updates


This commercial properly valuation comprehensive, logicaly itemized business property tax workbook! Written in an easy to read format that is intuitive, easy to apply and using every tax adjustment possible to vie for a lower assessment.

(SIDE NOTE: For those desiring to engage in commercial and residential property tax appeals as a business, visit )

Commercial Property Tax Value Guide and Appeal Markdown Methods - Business Property Tax Appeal Guidebook Resource With Step-by-Step Excel Examples For The Valuation Approach You'll Require.
Simple ideas presented properly that get your property tax lowered!

commercial property tax appeal
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Attention Commercial Property Owners
If you're not using these principles when you do your
property tax appeal, you can be leaving a TRUCKLOAD of money on the table.
Times are tough, and the tough need to prosper.

Add To Cart Jam-packed with proven tax cutting application that you will apply to your specific business and property. Detect what to look for to minimize your property tax!

Step-By-Step Commercial Property Tax Appeal Guide

  • County officials will not inform you of what typical dollar adjustments to take advantage of.
  • County officials generally do not offer up property tax help or exact advice for you to win your appeal.



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This is about having a proven pro tell you the TRUTH about the quality of your comparable adjustments, bring you plug-in data guidelines, red flags warnings to avoid and presenting acceptable parameters to steer you toward a winning property tax appeal.

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Getting your hands on the "Commercial Property Value Guide and Business Property Tax Appeal Guidebook" is the most important action you can take for your business property tax appeal today.  With it you'll be nearly invincible in the commercial property valuation tax appeal world ... but without it you'll soon be very vulnerable.  

Property Tax Appeal Valuation Methods:

1. Fair Market Value Approach
2. Commercial Equity Analysis Approach
3. Cost Approach
4. Income Approach 


Q & A

Question: Hi i'VE BEEN SITTING on your site for long time and thinking if anybody else is doing it throughout Australia and if it can be done or the Laws and the demand are the same? - Vic from Australia

Answer: Valuation principles are the same anywhere in the world. Absolutely. The same principles for adjusting for better or worst for home features based on comparable sales is the same touchstone for determining value anywhere in the world. Any legislating authority that allows you to challenge evidence to change an error assessments by producing evidence is fair game.


Queston: How long does it take to form an effective argument for real estate tax reduction?

Answer: Depends on how complicated it will be to gather your information. There a few different approaches to valuation.

  • Fair Market Value Approach
  • Commercial Equity Analysis Approach
  • Cost Approach
  • Income Approach

If you’re using the Income Method and have all the income and expense figures from your accountant at hand, it could be a matter of a few hours. The income approach is used for valuating income producing property. Why? Because there is a direct relationship between the income that is brought in and the market value of that particular property. The cost and equity analysis approach are not as time consuming either providing you have those figures at hand.

If you use another valuation approach such as Fair Market Value Approach where you would use the market approach when there are similar sold properties that sold recently and need to find comparable sales. It will take more time to scout around and find good comparables and collect and compare the data in an organized manner to prove the case. Could be a day or two.

Your first avenue of appeal should be the tax assessor. He has the power and authority to reduce your assessemnt on the spot. If you can prove that your figures are accurate and have all the data needed organized for a final value conclusion, you can have your taxes reduced at this level. It saves the town time and aggravation presenting their case at the municipal board of appeals.





"A commonsense guide I used that covers the minefields of cost adjustments, comparable home price comparisons and a lot more that is explained in the book and it makes sense of what figures to use in valuation adjustments. I was reassessed too high. It worked for me to get my appeal going. "

Alan King
Neptune, NJ

Got your e-book...
I've read a few others on this subject, but so far (up to Chap 4), yours is the best. (NO BS, as I'd be the first to let you know otherwise!!)....
I am a taxpayer advocate and can confirm the high error rate on property tax cards. The contract assessor stated that  it is "the taxpayer's annual responsibility to check their card for errors"!!  An unwritten and not widely advertised law of assessing, I guess!

We recently had a statistical update (Reval) of 2400 parcels and there were 200+ people who attended individual informal hearings. The result, over 300 changes to cards. The local government response: "we congratulate the contractors for taking additional information from taxpayers and acting upon that information."  Statistically I would say pretty alarming rate of bad information in the database.

Anyhow thanks for a good guide book.

E. T. Reed
8 Michela Way
Nottingham, NH 03290

"I even went ahead and did it on my own house and saved 23% off the entire assessment. How could I pass up this deal? There was no way because I knew something like this only comes around once in a "blue moon." I never try to get someone involved in something I haven't done.

Plus, I love it when my bank balance suddenly surges up. It's a great feeling."

Alice Mendosa
Springfield, MA

“Thanks to your tips, I just won my appeal! I’ve never gotten over a thousand dollars in one day. This is really exciting, fast. Any homeowner that's want to be successful needs to be able to do this well.  I've seed some spend mega hundreds of dollars on doing this and still loose badly!”

P. M. - client NJ

“I had a massive breakthrough reading your stuff. After filing my appeal, what you taught me generated an extra $979 in saving! When I went to appeal the taxes, lots of people had appraisers and attorneys present to make their case. Others worked out their own case. I feel fortunate to have your good guidance manual and know it made all the difference. Thanks again.”

Donna Comer
Rockaway, NJ

"I really must send kudos to you all. This has truly been $$ well spent. You've provided me with some much appreciated guidance and direction. I am and will forever be grateful for what I have learned thus far...and don't have to be held hostage by the taxman of what is available. You've provided me with an immeasurable amount of info. Thanks again."

Lk. Hopatcong, NJ

"I am 100% happy with my purchase of Property Tax Appeal Guidelines, it has revitalized my desire to make a property tax appeal many years of frustration knowing I was overcharged. I intend to follow up this time. Thank you so much."

Larry Eager
Fort Lee, NJ

"Taking the risk in getting you book at the House Tax Ax site is certainly unregretable!"
"I'm skeptical about EVERYTHING, but your insight, help and easy format made digging thru my particular appeal an adventure I could get a secure handle on.

The case won't come up for a few months, but I'm certain it will fly. Thanks George."

Steven West
Palm Beach, Fl

"Overall a very good product for the price. I like the honesty in your lessons and how they are structured. I have every confidence in the world that I can put this process into practice. I would say to a friend of mine, ... yes, I know you may have been burned before and you may be weary, ... but you really need to do this, this is truly for real! "

Sharon Stafford
Dayton, OH

"Awesome program assessment guide!! Well worth the investment if interested in learning how to flip a house and buy at the right price. Getting the right market value is all the confidence I need."

Brian Smith
Philadelphia, PA

"I think this is a great idea-subscribing over the internet. I am glad my wife Donna found the site. It exceeded my expectations because you actually put this into user friendly language where I could actually know how to apply it and not be overwhelmed with the technical data and all that stuff which seems to overwhelm people"

Dan Loffler
Charlotte, VT

"This site is great,it's clear and good for beginners. This is the only resource you'll need for a property tax appeal. You will not regret it. The information is extremely clear, extremely succinct, extremely methodical, and the level of detail that George goes into is amazing. Good help to figure out assessment and put together an appeal "

Pauline Jackson
Syracuse, GA

"The very best. I highly endorse it. I was amazed at the quality and detail supplied in the book. It makes my life a lot easier."

Sarah Sanders
Orchard, S.C.

"It's all good. Really good. Best. Tax Appeal Product. Ever! This thing's getting better and better as I learn more about it. I have a mind to even turn this into a part time property tax consultant business with all the information you provide. I've all the information I need."

Matt Turner
Fort Wayne, TX

"Keep up the excellent work. We've seen amazing results already as I'm putting together my appeal and all the figures seem to line up well in my favor. I have gotten at least 50 times the value from reading how to do it all."

Matthew Brown
Boise, ID

Used your book's format for appeals today for four new friends.

Gene Reed
Nottingham, NH

To anyone who has not downloaded the book, you
deserve the high taxes I know you are going through, put a crowbar in your wallet and get the full information!

Nashville, TN

Thanks for your activism. And inspiration ...
Within the last two weeks, our local Assessors acted on two appeals I put together after auditing the properties for accurate information on the "Property Cards". We also looked at sale prices. We found several errors in data and "assumptions" made by data collectors.

We used the format suggested in your book. We still had to fill out the "legal" form and referenced from that the details and reasons for the appeal. (The first time I have used this particular format.) The first appeal was approved with reduction in value of $24,000 ($360.00 check came in the mail) and of they will save that amount or more each year going forward. The second, approved!, value reduction $58,000, (fifty eight thousand!).

Next came a check in excess of $800.00. Eight hundred dollars, cash in hand, a refund, found money! Now each year going forward less out of pocket expense. Can you imagine $800+ per year compounded savings??!! (even at today's interest rates)

These two families are now not very happy with how these errors could have occurred!! Their faith in the "system" is as shaken as mine. Ya gotta check those cards at the very least!! I wish I could shout for all to hear: "CHECK THOSE CARDS, ASK QUESTIONS, FILE AN APPEAL if needed."

Thank you again for your book and efforts.
Gene Reed
Nottingham NH

These results are public record and can be verified by calling 603-679-5022 Town of Nottingham Offices -- ask for the results of 2006 abatement results of Gesce and Higgins.



"Well ... they wouldn't even BE your competition, (the tax assessor) it's that simple as far as I'm concerned" - Zighart Kubler, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania



"George has an amazing way of approaching property tax appeal intelligence. [...]  I'm convinced it gives him the power that no one else has ... few other people do this!" - John Conner, Long Island, New York





Commercial Property Value

Determine your businesses valuation for property tax appeal.

Commercial property tax guidebook


• Commercial Appraisal 101

Commercial Property Tax Guide used with Excel Spreadsheets

Basic Excel Formulas

Excel Business Cost Analysis

Excel Business Fair Market Approach

Excel Commercial Equity Analysis

Excel Commercial Business Operating Statements

Excel Supporting Commercial Business Operating Statements

Excel Commercial Land Tax Analysis



 Commercial Property Tax Appeal

Appeal Commercial Real Estate Taxes









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