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Tax assessors have the complete legal authority to reduce the taxes on your property. The range of time for the homeowner to appeal property taxes range from 1 to 2 months for most areas of the country. During that time period, the tax assessor is swamped with requests, meetings with those seeking a last minute appeal plus he/she has to prepare paperwork to present to counter appeals. This is NOT the best time to speak to the tax assessor and they have been known to be very cooperative.

AFTER the season ends is another matter entirely. The tax assessor's phone is almost dead and they might even welcome a visit to break the monotony. As long as you maintain a cordial demeanor, multiple visits are possible with your comparative evidence. If need be you can present new comparative evidence and chances are favorable for a successful appeal right then and there. You just have to produce reasonable figures and evidence to back up your appeal.

The reduction for the property owner, however, will not go into effect until the next tax year. No matter what, you’ve avoided the time at a municipal tax appeal hearing and can look forward to realizing your win when the next assessment year commences.

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Commercial Property Tax Reduction

      If you are serious about appealing your property taxes, you'll want A definitive guide to Property Values and Adjustments to use for differences in square footage, age of comparables, location, thing one comparable has and the other lacks such as number of garages, decks ... and over 20 other adjustment categories  in order to Win your Real Estate Property Tax Reduction Appeal.

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Want To Win A Property Tax Appeal and  Lower Those Property Taxes?
Tax assessors are often political appointments. Many of them do NOT have an appraisal background and the assessment is done on a cost basis. And as we all know, property is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it.     Property Tax Help Home Page